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    I was doing a show with an SQ5 this weekend and had a crash in mid-show. Audio was still working but I had no control of the mixer. I had to turn off the PA system and then turn the mixer off and on again. After a few minutes this happened again and had to cut the show to reboot. Both times I was using an Ipad with SQ MixPad app, I don’t know if that would be a factor to consider. After that I disconnected the network router and the mixer worked fine for the rest of the show.
    This had happened with this mixer in the past. I updated the firmware and thought the problem was fixed (until today). I have the lastest version of the firmware (v.1.4.4). What can be the problem? Thanks.


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    Andre S

    Hi CulturaBe,

    I had the same crash a while ago. It was due to a too slow WiFi Router, a very cheap model. I then bought a much more potent dual band Router (120€). Using mostly the 5GHz band. After that, I had no more crashes…

    Hope that helps.

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    this is not a real crash since the audio part is still working

    it is a hang within the control network
    this could have many possible reasons
    if the network is overloaded the UI is freezed

    normally this should stop if you unplug the router

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    Thanks a lot for the replies! I will try changing the router and see if that works.

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