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    upgrading our church set up soon by installing an SQ7. we also would like to install the ME-1 system but it’s obviously a bigger investment. seeing that we already have the hardware for wired iems and can access the sq4u app we have reservations spending the additional money.
    i wondered if there was anyone in the community or staff who has used both or runs a combination setup that could give an insight as to the benefits of the ME-1 over the app.

    thanks in advance


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    We’re using primarily ME-500s (x6) and have a single ME-1. The ME’s are more reliable, and the 500s generally have enough channels for our musicians. We use groups that feed only to the MEs to group things like “Drums” / “Band minus drums” and then put in some individual channels that they can blend in for more of whatever they want to keep it simple. This also gives us the ability to send the talkback to one of these groups so that people using the MEs can hear the FOH engineer. These groups of course are not sent to the main FOH mix, and are used exclusively for the MEs.

    You should consider the ME-500s as they are less expensive if they fit the bill. They are also easier to use for the musicians IMO. We label them using P-Touch labels so that it is easy for them to find what they want. The ME-1 even has labels on it since the musicians didn’t like hitting each button searching for what they wanted to change.

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    I might be stating the obvious, but…

    Each instance of SQ4you requires a mix (e.g., an Aux mix) to be sent to it, so there is a limit of how many separate monitor mixes you can have. SQ4you also requires each user to have reliable WIFI, to remember to turn on your network on their phone, to select their correct mix.

    ME units are essentially an additional mixer, taking individual inputs, groups, whatever from the SQ WITHOUT using up an AUX mix.

    Unlike Scott, I greatly prefer Me-1 over Me-500 because of routing flexibility, but a smart and experienced operator can figure out how to make either work.

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    We use both. ME-1s for instruments (Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric, Keys, Spare) and SQ4you for singers via 4x stereo wireless IEMs.
    It seems to be best of both worlds for a medium size band. Which every way you go the key is training of your musicians in using their in-ears effectively, and being confident with the software / hardware they are using.

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