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    I’m having this weird issue with my band: our new singer’s channel gets de -assigned from her and other members mixes in SQ4U. I tried re assigning with and without the lockmix on to no avail.. any ideas?

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    KeithJ A&H


    Locking to a mix is a setting local to the app and simply prevents the user from switching the mix they’re controlling accidentally.
    (It does not have any effect on the SQ, the mix being controlled or the assignments to groups/wheels)

    SQ4You assigns channels based on their channel number – as there are a fixed number of input processing channels in the SQ (48) that are always available, the only way channels would (should) become unassigned is if you adjusted the mixer config to create stereo channels and then adjusted the config again to split those back to mono.

    The switch to stereo would give you one stereo channel (rather than two mono), which is effectively controlled and addressed by the odd/left channel strip, so this is what’s shown and assigned.
    Switching back to 2x mono, you wouldn’t get the even/R channel back as only the left channel would assigned.

    Could this explain it?

    If not, could you please provide more details on the setup (including network connection and devices used) and how/when the channel becomes unassigned?


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    Hi Keith,
    routing nor scenes are changing. Band is connected to a Audio dedicated network that covers stage area but the team leaves it on breaks, connects to another network for internet use, then re-enters stage area to play.

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    The issue continues and more strange stuff is hapenning.
    How many clients are supported for SQforyou and Mixpad simultaneously?

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    * The maximum number of SQ remote apps that can be connected is 8, with a maximum of 2 instances of SQ-MixPad. For example, you could connect 2 instances of SQ-MixPad and 6 instances of SQ4You, or 1 instance of SQ-MixPad and 7 instances of SQ4You.

    Got it,
    We are over by one instance of Mixpad.

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