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    I don’t know if this has been asked already, but any plans or possibilities to have battery status of Sennheiser (and other brands) wireless systems shown in the preamp section/screen and/or metering screen?

    I know Avantis and dLive have this, but maybe it is possible for the SQ as well?

    How I visualize it: When in the processing “bank view “, show a battery icon in the preamp block. When in the detailed preamp window, add a battery icon wherever it fits haha. When in the meterscreen, show a battery icon under the corresponding input meter.

    IEM’s are used more and more, so maybe add battery icons in the output meter screen as well?

    Maybe a different way? They are clever enough at A&H, so they can figure something out.

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    It’s quite possible that A&H will push down those wireless microphone capabilities to the SQ series. Or they might decide that is a more “premium” feature that they want to reserve for their higher tier consoles. Only time will tell I guess.

    It is less likely that any of the consoles will be able to display battery information, etc from a IEM wireless pack. This is because in order for the pack to be able to transmit that data, the pack has to have a transmitter. However IEM packs receive data and generally don’t have any transmitters built into them. Until the hardware changes, there isn’t anything A&H can do…..

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    The new(er) ew IEM G4 models do transmit battery status back to the rack transmitter from what I understand. Maybe I am wrong, but I read the manual and it described that you could read battery status on rack transmitter display. Maybe I am reading it wrong, but looks like the belt packs are sending back some info.

    On the other hand, I had a look into the ipad apps of Sennheiser, but could only find info of the wireless transmitting systems like wireless mics etc. So maybe I am wrong after all.

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    Our Shure QLX-D’s are networkable and can return their battery levels and signal strength over the network to their own local web service and app. So it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the SQ to be able to pull that data if the wireless receiver channels could be assigned to the console channels.

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