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    I am planning to buy one of the two consoles for mixing my hardware setup. I do not have any intentions of using a DAW except as a “tape recorder”…

    Both consoles appear to have great reviews however I haven’t been able to tell if:
    – does the sonic character of the console has any differences
    – any differences in the quality of the FX? I have some hardware effects but will want to have a great compressor for my drum bus, and overall mix. Also I have a DB4 and love the EMT reverb. I wonder how good the reverbs are with the consoles as well.

    This is for a project studio…

    I also didn’t know exactly where to place this.

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    The basic sound is the same in spite of some golden eared folks whose ears think higher prices improves sound.

    SQ has more better and useful compressor options. We do not use the SQ but wish we did for the compressor choices.
    We do not use reverb with our Qu so not sure, but I think they have the same reverb, but SQ may have some more of those too.
    The sales blurb on the site here should tell you such basic facts.

    You should look at features and quantities to see which is best for your studio use.
    The SQ is more flexible and if you are picky about reverb then that would be the one to go with.

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    This is for a project studio

    If this is for PROJECT STUDIO
    And you have lots of simple jack to jack [TRS] components you want to plug multiple quick times… then in my opinion
    an QU is more usable.
    AND you CAN use a QU with Imac and mac quite successfully

    sonic character of the console has any differences

    The mixers will sound different as they are NOT the same
    One runs at 96k and the other operates at 48K

    Hope this helps

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