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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi all,

    We’re happy to announce that SQ V1.5.1 is now available for download from the usual place (here – https://www.allen-heath.com/key-series/sq/sq-software/).

    This is a maintenance release which includes bug fixes as detailed in the release notes (here – https://www.allen-heath.com/media/Release-Notes-SQ-V1.5.1.pdf).

    Happy mixing!


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    Ha – just as I’d moved my desk out of the house, making it difficult to get to!

    Never mind! Will give me something to do. 🙂

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    I’m glad this update is finally here but a maintenance release shouldn’t be taking months and months to finalize.

    The issue was brought to light and documented many times within 24 hours.

    It wasn’t a small bug like a screen messing up text or something, it was an entire screen freeze forcing a reset of the desk.

    Even a month is too long for this. Realistically there should be a bug fix maintenance release 1-3 weeks.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Ian,

    This release, as with all our releases, was made available as soon as possible.
    It did take longer than we would have liked, but with a system as complex as the SQ where there are a large number of interdependencies, even a small issues requires looking at a whole bunch of other things.
    I’m sorry that you are disappointed about the time taken, though for every reason you can think of, we care more than anyone about getting a maintenance release out as soon as we can.
    V1.5.1 for example, was online within half an hour of being signed off.
    Firmware can only be released when it is ready, so suggesting set time frames is (unfortunately) unrealistic.


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    I had the screen freeze using the RTA and a whole show worth of multitracking would have ended up in the garbage had my husband not been able to rewrite the code of the wave files.
    The band needed this recording desperately and they were sure that this was another failure (one of many apparently with other engineers and boards), but luckily they’ve received the goods.
    I just wish I would have know there was an issues with multitracking while using the RTA. I was completely taken aback and had to leave the recording running throughout the intermission, until the end of the show, as I didn’t know what would happen on a hard boot.
    Phew. That
    was a sweaty night!!

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    but it was no secret
    it was a known bug since day 2 after the release of 1.5 and it was still possible to stop the recording with SQ MixPad or a user key

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    Pursuant to 64 bit mix pad requirement after V1.3 up dates:

    My 11 inch I-Pad died two years ago and I replaced it with the only 11 inch model Apple had available. It is the last 32bit version Apple offered and it is a valuable tool when mounted on my mic stand clip providing lyric cues and QUsb controls. After the 5th generation 64 bit I-Pads were offered it took a while for a 64 bit 11 inch model to be made available and it currently is priced @ $600. At this point I will wait for the coming paradigm revolution that is looming with Apple’s satellite system due out next year because lots of new devices will be partnered with this advanced program. I do need to be able to remotely double check my on stage mgt. of FOH with an I-Pad however cueing my lyrics will keep the existing 32 bit 11 inch model that has been working well for me. I probably will not need much venue portable adjustability till late next year anyway.

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