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    Nicola A&H

    The wait is over. V1.4.0 is now online and it includes input ganging, new add-ons, MixPad offline and much, much more.
    Check out all the new features here: https://www.allen-heath.com/sq-v1-4/
    Make sure you read through the updated reference guide and the new MIDI Protocol document, both available from the SQ Documents pages, as well as watching through Keith’s videos as they go online later today.

    Enjoy V1.4 and happy mixing!

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    Andre S

    Hi Nicola,

    theres a mistake on the A&H Shop site.

    “Purchased separately the total price would be $575, but buying them together gets you all five for just $319.”
    I think it´s a copy&paste error. That sentence is taken from the compressor site.


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    Andre S

    Hi Nicola,

    and could you add another known issue to the 1.4.0. release notes: Desk freezes when using a non assigned footswitch via TRS.
    This is especially tricky if you use a dual footswitch, assign only tip or ring and accidentally hit the unassigned button.


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    Alex A&H

    Hi Andre,

    This issue is now fixed in V1.4!


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    HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!!

    Thanks guys !!

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    awesome!! the dyntrio as deep would have been nice, but all in all a great update!! finally mono matrix!

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    Good news! (but still no HPF on mix outputs)

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    Finally v1.4!

    The dynamic trio’s pricing is MUCH more realistic with the current market prices of similar products.

    It’s unfortunate that they only run in RackExtra FX. It would have been much more feasible to drop these into DEEP slots. For eg. De-esser in the preamp channel, DynEQ replacing the stock EQ, MultiBD replacing stock compressor.

    With only 8 RackExtra FX slots, wasting an entire slot for a de-esser seems counterproductive.

    Was this decision due to a lack of processing power with the FPGA?

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hey @ianhind,

    The SQ’s XCVI can run DEEP, but doesn’t have the DYN engine (as in dLive) that can run DYN8, so as we knew everybody wanted these add-ons, this is the way we could offer them (and yes, as they’re not DEEP, the price reflects this).


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    Thankyu for the update. What lasts long finally came to an good end;-)
    I have downloaded the MixPad for Windows and play currently around in the offfline mode. What I am missing is the possibilty to change the types of bothe the DEEP Plugins and the RackFX (especially for FX5-8).
    Also I did not found the patching of inserts and the configuration of the soft rotaries.
    Am I missing something?

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    On a SQ5.
    I have two questions :
    – Are scenes created in 1.3.2 compatible with 1.4 ?
    – Can we go back to 1.3, if too many problems ?

    I have a show next week, as everything is now working well, and I use a lot of the Midi scene recall, I’m afraid to discover too many bugs.
    Yet I can not wait to try it.

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    @KeithJ A&H


    Within this limitation, would it be possible to bring just the de-esser over into a DEEP processor?

    Eating up a RackExtra FX slot for a de-esser is painful as I’m sure you could understand.

    Once an engineer gets multiple vocal mic’s up, you can run through all 8 slots easily on what is normally a very common tool.

    The de-esser makes a lot of sense in the preamp DEEP stage, giving a user the choice of either Tube/de-esser.

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    If you need that many de-esser’s consider it inserting on a subgroup that has only vocal channels routed to.

    I find it effective for corporate events, where you have multiple headsets.

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    But i wonder if that could work on a vocal sub group.. would the vocals interact weirdly with each other?

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    Hi, just so I understand clearly the offline mode of the new sq mixpad version, can you recall scenes while being online (mixing) or do you need to go to offline (editing) mode to do so?


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