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    Hi all,

    is it possible to connect two QUs to one SQ, one via the SQs builtin port and the other one via a SQ SLink card?

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    A QU can only be a master, as far as clocks are concerned. So just one can be in any setup.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @beppo ,

    This is a good question, as all possible SLink connections from the SLink connections document can be applied to either the built-in port or the port on the SLink option card.

    The Qu cannot clock to an external source, so when connecting SQ <-> Qu, you must use the Qu as a master clock (set the SQ to clock from SLink).
    If you had two Qu’s connected in one system as you suggest here, there would be two master clocks and you would only be able to clock the SQ to one of them.

    So unfortunately the answer is no – although this would seem to work, and give you some audio, one of the connections would not be sync’d and almost certainly give clocking errors resulting in audio pops and clicks.


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    Hi @keithjah,

    thanks for the information. I had a SQ6 here for testing this weekend and i love this piece of gear. I’m thinking about purchasing a SQ5, but connecting a whole lot of synths and FX-pedals with mostly unbalanced TS-outs (and ins) to the SQs XLR inputs is realy a pita.

    Using two Qu-SBs connected to the SQ would have been an alternative, although only working with 48 kHz. Too bad it doesn’t work.

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    You know that you can use the AB168, AR2412, AR84 as well as the DX168 with the SQ desks if you just want inputs & outputs? If a second desk is really needed, one Qu-SB can be used.

    If the problem is TS > XLR conversion, then there’s plenty of rack mount 8 way DI boxes you could get for much less money than a Qu-SB

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    Hello @markpaman, yes i know. But as i said, i have got many synths and FX units and i want to simplify my current mixing situation (6 mixers in total) and have more flexibillty in routing etc. And summing up the costs for a SQ5 + 2 x DX168 + DI boxes for 40+ channels + cables and the fact that cabling would not be less complex…

    That’s why i’m looking for alternatives.

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    Hi all.

    Just curious if using a Qu mixer for monitors and an SQ mixer for FOH, while also using a stage box as inputs, still requires two CAT cables and the additional S-Link port on the SQ at FOH? I’m assuming any firmware update hasn’t changed that, but thought I’d ask.

    Does anyone know of a diagram showing this setup?

    I’ve been a fan of A&H mixers since my first GL-2, many, MANY years ago. After several years on a GL-2200-24, I went digital with a QU-32. A few years later I added a QU-SB(and then an AR84 for another 8 channels) for smaller, more space constrained venues. Just bought an SQ-5 and a GX4816 stage box. Now that my show schedule is slowing a bit, I want to spend some time learning the SQ-5 and figuring out how to set it up with one of my QUs as monitor mixer, when I need such a setup.

    Thanks for all the great info here.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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