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    I am new to the forum and am contemplating an Allen and Heath SQ5 or Midas M32r. I have been going over the forums now for several weeks and am concerned about the reliability of multitrack recording to USB-B as I need recordings to be trouble free. Many people seem to be having a lot of trouble with this on the SQs. Or maybe I have this wrong and most of the bugs are now worked out and nothing really special is needed.

    I presently have a long-in-the-tooth Presonus 24-4-2 that I’ve been using for 9 years. Though so far it has been flawless for recording reliability. I usually record 20 or so tracks for a show.

    I would love to see a database that shows what laptop/drive combinations people have been using to get reliable recordings from USB-B, similar to the QU-drive database. It has been hard to tease out what does and doesn’t work. Any pointing in the right direction would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    Since the 1.3.2 Firmware release, I haven’t had a single glitch. Steady as a rock. Prior to that, I couldn’t use it. It’s a wonderful desk. Get a Dante card with it and the world opens up.

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    I too, come from the Presonus world (studiolive 32) that I had for 10 years, and through the forum, I waited 1 year for the SQ versions to stabilize. Now I have an SQ5 and I record 32 tracks on a Mac mini 2014 and a SSD without any worries for 4 hours.Caution at 96khz the weight of the files is very heavy.I am very satisfied for the moment.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    I can only say that 28 tracks, recording using Waves Tracks live, onto my medio 2011 Mac book Pro, has yet to fail me.
    Granted, I changed the harddrive to a SSD.

    Most problems I have heard about, was due to people having all sorts of “enhancements” on their PC, like Norton or similar Antivirus, several “pc power helpers” and all kinds of programs/apps/bloatware not needed during the show.

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    Dante is pretty expensive for my needs. I’d rather put that money toward a laptop/drive combo that works. It would be great to have a dedicated mini laptop that stays with the sound gear like a netbook or chromebook. Is anyone using a mini laptop with success? Thanks for the responses.

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