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    Hello … I just installed a SQ6 in a local city hall. As I was trying to configure the desk to the needs of the customer, I had some problems/questions. Maybe someone can help me or at least answer my questions. Here they are:

    FX: when I press SEL on a FX return, my QU shows the FX parameters, I can edit them there and I can switch to EQ view. The SQ only shows the EQ. To edit the FX parameters I have to go to the FX window. Is there no possibility to edit the parameters in the channel processing window?

    P/AFL: Is there any way to send the P/AFL signal to an output (für control room speakers?) Again.. it’s possible with the QU.

    SQ Mixpad: I can’t find a switch to engage the HPF … is it me, or is it not there?

    That’s all for now, but maybe there are more to come 😉

    Thank you all …. Andy

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    Hi Andy.
    FX: No, not at the moment. but I would prefer that the FX Parameters will be shown on FX Sends rather than FX Returns because for me the returns will always remain at 0 dB and I just work with the sends master.

    P/AFL: No, not at the moment. but several users already put this on the list of feature requests. In the meantime you have to work with the phones out only.

    HPF on SQ-Mixpad: you can find this on the PEQ screen of the inputs. But you have to switch to the details view. you can do this by using the white button between the meters. drag it down and you will see all the filter parameters.

    Some of your wished may be fulfilled by the next feature update which hopefully coming soon.


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    Thank you. Some People like to work with the FX sends, others prefer to work with the returns. The QU shows the FX parameters in the send and the return processing window, so for editing them it doesen’t make a difference. I hope A&H will add this (and some other things) to the SQ software soon. The SQ is a great desk, but in my opinion there’s still some work to do to make it a complete mixer 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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