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    Good afternoon,

    I would love to have yall’s opinion on this situation:

    In the venue I’m working with, the isolated broadcast room that has the SQ6 that receives all the local inputs and houses all rack equipment such as power amps and loudspeaker managers. They do not have a mixer in the live room. They use an iPad and walk around in the live space and mix via IPAD.
    I wanted to add an SQ5 (FOH/Monitor mixer) with SLINK Card and a DX168 (for the main 16 inputs and in-ears) and have the boards communicate via ETHERCON. The reason being is that I feel its valuable to have a mixer in the space of the audience so that there is a dedicated and consistent listening space. As well, iPads can be spastic and IMO not as fast as a mixer dedicated to the workflow of mixing.

    My understanding is that I would have to have the DX168 running to the FOH/Monitor SQ5 so that the FOH engineer has
    1. Gain Control (not digital trim) over the DX168 (Which are the main batch of inputs we use on a regular basis)
    2. Ability to mix monitor mixes
    3. Ability to PAFL monitor mixes
    4. I would need to spill the local inputs from the SQ6_Broadcast_Mixer to the SQ5_FoHMonitors_Mixer and then spill the SQ5_FoHMonitors_Mixer DX168 inputs to the SQ6_Broadcast_Mixer.
    5. send a LR Mix of each mixer to the other so that the FOH mixer can hear the online through headphones and the Broadcast mixer can hear the live mixer if need be.
    6. the broadcast mixer would need to receive the FOH mix spill and send that out to the power amps because those can’t be moved to the SQ5_FoH_Mixer

    So my questions are:
    1. Are there any of you that have run a similar “mutual-spill” setup?
    2. Any tips you would give me or anything I’m overlooking?
    3. As a general question, do you find it beneficial to have a physical mixer over an iPad? Am I placing too much of an emphasis on having a physical mixer?

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