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    So, calm down. Do what is possible. Use the SQ-Drive or a DAW with USB-B and send some stereo mix, using a dedicated Stereo-Mixbus, via AES. More is not possible in your current situation.

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    Thanks, you understand, what I´m dealing with here. It will go like this: ” we are on a lightweight- tour.you want multichannel digital split- you provide the necessary interfacing. Our FOH- Guy is fine with DigiCo, or Midas (although He don´t like Midas). Soundcraft OK too. I mean, The Swedish Radio…? Rental- deal for the room contains the KIVA- system -which is nice- .some lighting, and one house technician. No console. if I were The Tour Manager, I would rent the whole Shebang… cost- effective, He is

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    Not that it makes much,if any, difference to the readers of this thread but the truth is I use a Waves card daily in my project studio. I have deployed a complete Digigrid/Waves LV1 system for more than 4 years for studio work. Most everything I do these days are audio/video shoots where I can control the entire process in either the studio or a live gig. Un like the 32 channel demands the OP is faced with I seldom if ever need as many as 16 inputs or 8 outs. My DX168 is more than a sufficient stage box and I transfer two stereo stems to the Atomos video recorders attached to my GH5 cameras. I also deploy a free standing ,independently powered, Glyph Studio HD to Multi track direct all live performances with the A&H USB format.

    The reason I am explaining my work protocol is to clear the air with Stonepiano: My live Stereo feeds for video are generally acceptable and post produced versions to be synced in over the original live tracks are not an expense most of my clients are willing to advance. The primary reason for this is there usually is not a big enough difference to warrant the additional expense! Fortunately In the acoustic music world where I work hot back lines are not involved so a great initial capture direct from the LR FOH work is much more likely.
    Good luck with your tour;

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    If it’s not your gear, then I’d tell all parties involved there are 2 ways of handling it. USB to a DAW or a Dante card. Not really your issue if all you are hired to do is mix.

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    Rob T

    >SQ- drive records 16 inputs + L/R. I need to get about 30 individual channels out of the desk, digitally. I´m talking possibilities to use the USB B- port, or AES…

    Nope. As Phil noted in the very first reply to this thread, as of V1.5, you can record up to 32 tracks at a 48khz sampling rate direct to an external hard drive via SQ-Drive, all freely patched from any patch point on the desk. This is covered in sections 6.5 and 13 of the v1.5 reference manual available at https://www.allen-heath.com/media/SQ_ReferenceGuide_V1_5_0.pdf

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    My two cents, with multitrack recording on the console, keep in mind that it is not that black-and-white. There is a list of devices other members of the community tried with different results: https://www.allen-heath.com/usbdevicelist – for me it narrowed down a list of devices to try on my own, and to be honest, in past some devices worked well in past, then started getting me errors. Reformatting didn’t help. Perhaps, performance degradation. I recently switched to Extreme Pro SD card from Sandisk connected via a converter from SD to USB, and it worked well for the 8-hour-long test. Will see how it will work during upcoming shows.

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