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    Hi, I’m trying to do remote mixing over VPN protocol and I’m having some issue. Using SQ Mixpad (or QuPad over iPad with our other Qu Mixer) it keep disconnecting after 5 second. Sometimes the metering data is being send and sometimes it doesn’t. A bit of experimenting and we found out if we keep on sliding any faders then the connection is always connected but after the fader movement stop it will disconnect again.
    Looking at Wireshark it seems there are packets which are send to the mixer from the apps that was rejected by the mixer (it seems something with the UDP part of the data) while the TCP packet are received correctly. The weird part is that such things do not occur on MixingStation (a 3rd Party Apps) and monitoring the packet it seems that the mixer will be replying the UDP packets after a retry of 5-10 times and afterwards everything will be ok.
    What could be the cause of the problem? I have tried to disable firewall on the site to site vpn router (we use double NATing and Vlan to ensure network isolation) and try to track dropped packet but the firewall doesn’t seems to drop anything?
    The VPN is using Wireguard with client side routing as the mixing location doesn’t have a public ip address or open port for the VPN server to be made public.


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