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    I must say that I was not happy to see no ducker available on this model, especially with the increase of live streaming….a ducked ambiance mic is essential.

    there is a ducker mode in the compressor library

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    I don’t know if there was a discussion before, but I want the out phase inversion function.
    If I want to use a JBL speaker that is out of phase by default with other speakers, I have to have a number of reverse adapters.
    If you have a lot of circuits, I bring dLive.
    I want to easily reverse the phase of the output with SQ.

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    As mentioned in another posting, these SQ consoles are priced much like that of the GLD and you have to buy the FX!
    Next time, ditch the full inputs on the surface, people can buy a QU if they want no stage box.

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    Not on the desk itself, but I would love a PC software that gives me access to everything the touch screen has. I usually have limited tome on-site. I’d love to be able to leave the desk on and finish what I want to do from home.

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    if you want and need D-Live features— Buy a D-live! Some of us do not want or need to pay more money for un wanted bells and whistles: The SQ line offers basic entry level world class sonic processing. Until someone else can match the SQ’s unique price/value niche: leave it alone.

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    AsherN. Re: using PC software to remote into the SQ. We can do that with our church SQ7. We have it connected to an old Mac running MixPad. If there are problems that other operators are experiencing during rehearsal or what not, I can remote into the Mac via AnyDesk or TeamViewer and troubleshoot the setup from home.
    So you could leave an old junker PC running mixpad connected to the SQ and do similar.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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