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    Just changed over to the SQ5 from a X32 so slowly getting my brain around the unit and interface. Come across a slight problem. Band uses backing tracks via an app (Multitracker) on iPad that goes from the lighting port into the mixer and then reads the mixer as a soundcard so 32 inputs in the case of the SQ. Tracks are set up as follows;

    USB 1/2 = Tracks L/R
    USB 3 – Cue
    USB 4 – Click

    This means 1 have one stereo file going to a stereo channel and then into L/R Mains and then the click and cues can go into Aux mixes and singer for example can have no click but cues and band can independently adjust the click, cues and tracks.

    On the x32 it was possible to plug the iPad into the mixer and then use the i/o card to record onto a 32gb card. I presumed you would be able to do this on the SQ5 i.e iPad into mixer via USB A port and then record via SQ drive onto the USB surface stick.

    Appears however you can only use either USB port on the back of the mixer or the SQ Drive on the surface – not a combination of the 2.

    Im aware I can changed the tracks so you simply run these on the L/R into say ST1/2 or 3 and have track panned left and click/cues panned right but I did ideally want to keep the tracks set up as they were as singer does want to hear click but likes the cues for arrangement prompts.

    Any suggestions or is this just a limitation of the desk/software ?

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    SQ has very limited USB recording capabilities. The playback interface is also pretty clunky. I’d just play the tracks from the iPad.

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