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    Been trying to sort out a way to get around the Dante card problems and have a question.

    I have an SQ6 & a pair of AHM’s. One of the AHM’s is in the left FOH main rack, and the other on the right. If I were to run the SQ6’s Slink port to a DXHub’s giga-ace port, and then connect the DXHub’s DX ports to Slink cards in the AHM’s, can I run audio from the SQ6 to both AHM’s at the same time? What about getting the AHM inputs back into to the SQ6?

    From what I can get from the connection pdf’s, it appears it would work…I just want to be sure. I’m not concerned with any control of the AHM functions, I’ll do that with the AHM app. I’m just concerned with passing audio.


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    KeithJ A&H


    The DX Hub allows a single GigaACE/GX connection to the mixer to be split out to 4x DX connections for use with expanders.
    System to system connections use the GigaACE/GX protocol.
    So no, you wouldn’t be able to do this in the way you describe here.

    However, with an SLink card fitted in the SQ or an AHM64, you would be able to connect it directly to 2 other SLink connections – in this case either the built-in SLink port on an SQ or AHM64 or SLink option cards in any unit.
    This would give you 2 128×128 connections which can be used as you wish (e.g. Tie Lines, Inputs or Outputs).
    A couple of things to note:
    – You must choose one unit for the clock leader and sync the other two units back to this.
    – Preamp control is local to each unit as this belongs to the system/socket. Trim on any unit is independent.

    Hope this helps!

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    I’m a little puzzled, but I’ll believe you. The SQ’s have Dante cards, the AHM’s don’t.

    So, if I’m understanding correctly:
    SQ Slink <-> AHM SLink works.
    AHM SLink <-> DX on a DX168 works.
    DXHub DX <-> DX DX168 works.
    AHM Slink <-> DX on a DXHub doesn’t?

    Not being a putz, just trying to make sure I understand it.


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