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    My understanding of SQ Drive is that stereo records 2 inputs, while multitrack can record up to 16 inputs. The input patching for these two modes has some clunkiness in my opinion. If I’m just missing something please let me know!

    It appears that the stereo mode is hardcoded to use the 1 and 2 USB outputs in the USB Output Patching screen. It also appears that the stereo and multitrack modes share the same USB Output Patching settings. What this means is that I can’t have one set up that’s used for stereo recording and one that’s used for multitrack. The reason this is a problem is that, because stereo is limited to USB outs 1 and 2, I have to assign Main L and Main R to these. Multitrack recordings then also use Main L and Main R on 1 and 2. In my context this is unnecessary. I want stereo recordings to have my main mix, and multitrack to have my individual instrument and vocal channels. However, because the output patching is the same between modes, I functionally only have 14 channels for multitrack. Sure, I could change the patching each time when switching between the two modes, but that introduces a manual process that’s prone to people forgetting. In fact, this has already caused us to lose an entire sermon because we forgot to switch the outputs for stereo recording.

    The real bummer here is that the Qu did have separate patching for stereo and multitrack. So in this area it feels like the SQ is going backwards.

    Am I missing something, or do things actually work the way I’m describing? If I’m not missing something, I’d really like to see a future firmware include different patching screens for stereo vs multitrack.

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