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    my feeling is, that “fixed file names” are not really suitable in 2022. So my suggestions about that:

    SQ Drive Multitrack:
    1. Naming Multitrack Recordings should be possible, which could translate to folder name maybe? “023Name Of the recording” if a leading number is technically needed?
    2. File names for tracks should reflect channel number and the 6 letters of the input channel names, for example “05KickIn” or so

    SQ Drive Stereo Playback:
    3. I really want to organize my Stereo playback files in custom folders, for example “a folder per CD” or so
    4. I really want the files to be shown in a reliable order, for example alphabetically. Currently my feeling is, the File-Browser of SQ Drive shows files in order of beeing written to the disk??
    5. I’d really like support for playlists, for example m3u
    6. I feel, files for stereo playback must not be placed in a fixed directory to be found. I think a “music” folder in the Disk Root (with subdirectories) should also work

    Best Regards,

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