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    Hello everyone,

    the following setup:
    AH SQ5 (Monitor Desk) Dante Card 32×32
    AH SQ6 (FoH Desk) Dante Card 64×64
    2x Cisco switches
    1x Notebook Windows 10 with Dante Virtual Soundcard (DAW Reaper)

    In general, all connections work well. Dante Controller also shows no errors. According to the Dante controller, clock synchronization is good.
    For exact clock configuration see appendix.

    However, when starting, it often happens that the signal is distorted, but only on the SQ5. Does anyone here have an idea as to what this could be?
    If the 32×32 Dante card on the SQ5 is replaced by a 64×64, everything is fine.

    Is there a problem with the Dante 32×32 card or could this also be due to the configuration.

    We would be happy about quick help.

    Hallo zusammen,

    folgendes Setup:
    AH SQ5 (Monitor Pult) Dante Card 32×32
    AH SQ6 (FoH Pult) Dante Card 64×64
    2x Cisco Switch
    1x Notebook Windows 10 mit Dante Virtual Soundcard (DAW Reaper)

    Generell funktionieren alle Verbindungen gut. Dante Controller zeigt ebenso keinen Fehler. Taktsynconisation ist laut Dante Controller gut.
    Genaue Taktgeberkonfig siehe Anhang.

    Jedoch kommt es beim Start immer wieder vor, dass das Signal verzerrt ist aber nur an der SQ5. Hat hier jemand eine Idee an was dies liegen könnte.
    Wenn die 32×32 Dante Karte an der SQ5 durch eine 64×64 ersetzt wird ist es soweit gut.

    Gibt es hier ein Problem mit der Dante 32×32 Karte oder kann dies auch an der Konfiguration liegen.

    Über eine schnelle Hilfe würden wir uns freuen.

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    Is it possible to remove the switches? I realize this means you would loose the redundant connection, but can you connect the three devices together using nothing but the two Dante cards? (I am not familiar enough with the SQ Dante cards to know if you can put them into a “switch” mode where both Dante ports can support different Dante connections, or if they only support one connection in a redundant connection).

    I would at least test it this way to see if the problem continues. I suspect it is a problem with the switch (that might be correctable via the recommended settings).

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