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    Just received our first SQ Dante card. The ‘documentation’ that came with the card does not specify what the card’s default IP address, subnet mask, and other parameters are for the primary Dante or the secondary Dante ports. I might have missed it, but I don’t see anything in the SQ v1.22 firmware that enables viewing the AQ Dante card’s network configuration settings, or adjusting them.

    I’m connecting the SQ Dante Primary to an Aviom D800 Dante so we can use some old Avioms that we have laying around. With DX-168s on the S-Link, my only option to get the IEMs working is to output Dante from the SQ, and let the D800 Dante do the conversion to A-Net and send the data out to the Aviom IEMS. The network is built around a dedicated Cisco SG300 ethernet switch.

    For testing purposes, I moved the Cisco switch to our dLive Dante network as the primary switch and everything works perfectly, so I don’t think the switch is the issue. DHCP is running on the switch, and am able to see the network status on a Dante Controller computer that has a class-c mask. Perhaps things need a class-c mask in order to work, rather than a Class-d mask which is what I suspect the SQ Dante card has? See attached Dante Controller device status pic.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Ethan,

    Default IP for the Dante card is automatic. It will use a DHCP server if one is present, or adopt a link local (zero-config) address.
    You didn’t say what the problem is. It looks like the three devices are discovered in Dante Controller. Can you patch audio in the routing view?
    Is the SQ Dante card set to 48kHz sample rate? You would need this for the Aviom D800 I believe.
    I would also set the SQ Dante card to preferred master and ‘slave to ext’ in Dante Controller. This will make use of the SQ internal clock.

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    The problem was that Dante controller could not patch the SQ Dante and D800. I discovered that the Cisco switch did not have DHCP turned on. As soon as I set it up to serve up class-d IP addresses to the clients, and dropped the SQ Dante to 48KHz, they were able to connect. Thanks for the 48KHz reminder. The Dante Controller software is able to configure all the appropriate SQ Dante card IP parameters. The IEMS sound great!

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