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    (I’ve been loving our SQ-5 at the Chicago Cultural Center.)

    I understand that there are (6) layers available, which are all customizable – However, I wish that there were a SOFT KEY option to return to the default 1 to 1 setting of the i/o.

    Since there are so many inputs and outputs on an SQ, by default, there are (5) layers that serve this purpose, with (1) remaining layer to customize.

    With so many different technicians that scramble the labeling of the desk, I would love for there to be a “fixed” 1 to 1 option – perhaps as a SOFT KEY toggle function (or PRESS AND HOLD), so I can always confirm/locate i/o.

    hope everyone’s well!
    Chicago, IL, USA

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Jim,

    I would recommend assigning a scene to a soft key for this. The scene can be your default setup so that when users first boot up the desk they can recall the scene and be back at a starting point.

    The problem with this is that you would be overwriting the current settings, so you would need to save these to a new scene if you didn’t want to loose them.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, Alex.

    I’m afraid this isn’t the solution in this instance.

    (I always RESET MIX SETTINGS when I turn on the console & start from there.)

    This request is more for when there are a bunch of inputs, perhaps some custom layers with swapped orders – and you just want to confirm/double-check your inputs/channels if you need to find something in a hurry – or tell someone where to repatch something.


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    Jim this is absolutely possible and I used this on a daily basis w/ large 30-40 input shows 🙂

    It takes a bit of setup and some practice but it can work.

    You need to set up your scene to change only the Strip Assign. Meaning that everything else is safe and is untouched.

    I have Scene 1: I/O Dump
    – It’s all channels spilled across the 6 layers. Inputs / Outputs, Groups, the works.
    Scene one is triggered by a softkey
    I can then call Scene 2: Show
    – This loads the channels in the way I want them organized and displayed.

    I can now go between Scene 1 & Scene 2

    Save this as a show. Now mid set I can dive between my show scene and the I/O Dump scene without affecting any of the processing, faders, sends, or anything other than the strip assign.

    I even go one step further and have scene that acts as an “FX Spill” that shows all the channels I know are assigned to an FX Send.

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