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    Johan Velthuis

    It would be really something if it is possible to send the PAFL-bus to the control network so the iPad can play this via it’s headphone-output.
    This would enable me to prelisten from my iPad without having to carry an INEAR-receiver around.

    I understand that this is a difficult thing to achieve, but if you can you would really be the COOLEST app makers in the world 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Johan Velthuis

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    I can see why they won’t do this but it would be incredibly helpful if they did!

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    The problem with this is the wifi latency.

    While it would be cool/nice and might be useful for long distances away from the stage (eating up the latency with the time it takes sound to travel to your ear).

    The number of support calls A&H would get from people complaining the audio stutters, drops, or is delayed would be crazy high.

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    Johan Velthuis

    I understand it will cause latency. The idea behind it is not to hear it in time, but being able to troubleshoot if a hum is coming from a particular source or to make some EQ adjustments. Maybe I can create a seperate app that can be used in the background to play the audio on the iPad. And an app for a macbook that sends an USB bus via a VOIP protool. Or a dedicated raspberry pi that can send incoming audio to the network.
    That way A&H support doesn’t have to worry about the complains 🙂 My biggest concern is, that the audio should not use up to much bandwidth, so the SQ app slows down or will be buggy.

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    The best way would be to use a wireless inear system. Low latency and reliable connectivity would help. Feed the inear from the headphone outs and everything will be fine.

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    +1 ->> useful feature and it’s doable, it’s already implemented in some other platforms

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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