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    Johan Velthuis

    First I want to say that I think it’s a really nice app!

    But there are a few minor things that I miss:
    1. Naming the custom layers from the app instead of Custom 1, Custom 2 etc.
    2. When assigning softkeys 5-8 to a slot, I would like to see the name I gave to each individual softkey, (button should say ‘Tap’ instead of ‘8’)
    3. From the preamp view, I would like to be able to see the actual connected input (local1 or DSnake3). This will make troubleshooting a mic that doesn’t work a lot easier. I like to line-check from the stage with an iPad in my hand
    4. When having 16 channels on a normal iPad and moving a channel fader, the -2.5dB label isn’t completely visible and states: -…B, because that’s what an iOS label does by default. But it would be nicer to have it state -2.5, so it should just clip off the end of the text.
    5. I would like to see the PAN at the preamp view, also the channel naming textinput would make sense.

    Did I mention that I’m so glad that I got rid of my Presonus junk 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Johan Velthuis

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