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    i have 2 issues:

    At my church our, system setup was this: we have an sq-7 at FOH and another sq-7 at Production for audio streaming. We had the system setup where the pre amp control was separate from the Production Console, so when we adjusted that from FOH it didn’t change the level signal at Production. we have since moved out of that building and we are now a mobile church. now our setup is different, we no longer use the sq-7 for production. we now use it for IEM Monitor Mixing.

    Issue 1
    by us changing how we use the consoles the IEM mixer console preamp is being affected by the FOH console. When the FOH sound guy changes the Preamp levels it affects the IEM console. How would i separate that. (i did change the sq-7 clock but i dont know if that would have seperated the control)
    Issue 2
    Also we noticed with the preamp control when it was turned up or down from the FOH console, would affect the ME-1/me-500 listening level for the Musicians. even if they turned the volume all the way up on an individual source.

    How would i change the Preamp/gain control to come from the IEM Console and not the FOH console.
    Added note:
    Everything on our system is connected via dante network.
    would the changing of issue 2 prevent me form using the console in monitor mode instead of standard.

    In the long run, my senior pastor wants it done like this, where he just wants the FOH Console to control the FOH speakers and nothing else.

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