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    Hello everyone. New guy here. I have what should be the most basic question however for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

    I picked up an SQ-5 for home use and am doing basic setup. I can run a few things through the inputs on the SQ-5 (like a mic or an MPCX) and I can hear the audio from both through a couple of monitor speakers connected to the SQ-5 A/B Out. So I’ve got that part right. Where I’m stumped is with trying to run the audio out from the SQ-5 via USB to Logic Pro on my Mac. I’ve switched the USB to USB-B on the SQ-5. Downloaded, installed, and configured (I think) the MIDI Control on the Mac. Watched every YouTube setup video I can. But for the life of me I can’t get any audio on the Mac.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some things to tryout? I’m new so go easy.

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    Andre S

    Did you tell Logic to use the SQ as your Input/Output device?
    Channel 47/48 (Labeled USB by default) are configured to receive audio via USB 1&2 which corresponds to the stereo out of Logic.
    Is the USB cabel working?

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    Thx for jumping in Andre. If I disconnect/connect the USB cable, the Input Port and Output Port labels in the MIDI Control window on the Mac will update to indicate if the SQ is available or unavailable. So I think the USB cable is working.

    The one part that jumps out at me is this: within the MIDI Control screen on the Mac, I believe that the two little boxes in the bottom right corner should change status as audio becomes available from the SQ. They do not.

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    It’s great to see all of the activity on here for the more advanced topics. I never did resolve this issue for basic setup, us newbies need the occasional support to get up and running as well. The dealer I purchased from (Long & McQuade in Canada) was of no assistance, nor did I receive any assistance from A&H. So, I’ve got an SQ-5 doing nothing.

    Since nobody on here was able to help resolve this one, if anyone has any ideas on where else I might be able to get some a/v tech support on this it would be greatly appreciated.

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    KeithJ A&H


    We do try to jump in on the community here when useful and/or to avoid questions going unanswered, so apologies this was missed.
    For any support query you can always contact us directly using https://support.allen-heath.com and either myself or one of the team will be happy to help.

    Some pointers to try and help with this here though:

    • Using the SQ as an audio interface with a mac does not require any drivers. The A&H MIDI Control app is only required if you are wanting to use the SQ for DAW Control and/or for use of MIDI over TCP/IP (via the network connection).
    • Make sure you’ve allowed whatever app you’re using access to the microphone (which in this case is the SQ as an audio interface) in the macOS security and privacy settings.
    • When using the USB-B connection for audio, ensure that the USB sample rate and the sample rate of your DAW project match.
    • Select the SQ as the audio device in your DAW (Logic).
    • Patch any Input Direct Outputs, Mix Outs, Rack FX or Monitor Outs to USB output channels in the ‘I/O > Outputs’ screen as required.
    • Set Global Input Direct Out settings and per-channel direct out trim by touching the ‘Dir Out’ button at the top of the input channels in the ‘Routing’ screen.
    • The USB output sockets you patch to on the SQ are USB input channels in your DAW.
    • USB output channels from your DAW will go to USB input sockets on the SQ, where they can be patched to input channels (for monitoring) in the ‘I/O > Inputs’ screen.

    Hope this helps!

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