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    Last week, our church took delivery and setup of a new SQ-5 console. The console is managing both in person sound via the LR output and live streaming sound via the Aux 8 output. All microphones that are connected directly to the console are behaving as expected, but the stereo pair and piano mic connected by a stage box at the front of house are not.

    When selecting the stage box channels on the board, I can see the board is receiving a signal (blue light), but I am unable to hear them in the live stream or headphones, despite their being routed to Aux 8. In addition, when I am using the headphones to monitor, I am unable to hear the channels unless I route them to the LR buss (which creates feedback issues).

    Can you help us troubleshoot the problem?

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    For reference, here is our live stream from last Sunday. The level was hot at the beginning, but we resolved that by 11:11. You can hear the piano, but there is no presence and the vocal is overpowering. The lectern mic our soloist is singing at is part of the house system, wired into the board directly, but the piano mic is using the stage box.

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello @shinyheadmusic,

    You should be able to listen to the channel individually by PAFL, regardless of which bus is being sent to.
    If you cannot listen to the signal by selecting PAFL on the channel and monitoring with your headphones, then it is likely that you are not receiving any signal at all.

    Please double check that it is being patched correctly from the SLink port (Or SLink Card, depending what you’re using) to the input channel required.
    Also check that you have set a correct gain structure for that signal to reach an audible level.

    If you need further assistance, please send a message to our support system and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you: support@allen-heath.com
    Thank you,


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    KeithJ A&H


    There will be no difference in behaviour due to inputs being either local or on an expander as all routing and processing is channel based.
    That is to say that the 48 input processing channels are what you use to create the mixes, and they don’t care if they’re sourced locally, from an expander or from the USB or I/O Port sockets.

    Do check your patching though as you may have a mix external input assigned, sockets patched to multiple input channels or tie lines that are causing problems.
    (more information on Mix External Inputs here – https://www.allen-heath.com/media/SQ_ReferenceGuide_V1_5_0.pdf#page=27&zoom=auto,-361,574)

    If that’s all fine, the first things that spring to mind are assigns and whether the sends to Aux#8 are pre or post fader.

    If you have a channel set to post fader for Aux#8, then the actual send level to Aux#8 is a product of both the send level you can see when viewing that mix and the send level to the Main LR mix.
    This might explain why you can’t hear something in the stream until it’s turned up in the main LR mix.
    For a completely independent send level to the stream, you can set any or all channels to pre fader instead. This is done either through the routing screen or by pressing the mix key to show sends on faders and then holding the ‘Pre Fade‘ key to display whether sends per channel are pre (‘Sel‘ key illuminated) or post (‘Sel‘ key not illuminated). Whilst holding the ‘Pre Fade‘ key, just tap the ‘Sel‘ keys to toggle between pre and post fade send to the current mix.

    If you want a channel to only go to the stream mix and not to the main LR, use assignments.
    First ensure the channel/s are assigned to the stream mix by pressing the stream mix key then hold the ‘Assign‘ key and use the ‘Sel‘ keys to assign (‘Sel‘ key illuminated) or unassign (‘Sel‘ key not illuminated).
    Then go back to the LR mix and do exactly the same thing, except this time making sure those channels are unassigned.
    All of this can also be seen in the routing screen as described here – https://www.allen-heath.com/media/SQ_ReferenceGuide_V1_5_0.pdf#page=38&zoom=auto,-361,586

    If you’re still having issues and want to reach out to us directly, please use support.allen-heath.com


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    Hi, Keith!

    The procedure of selecting each channel, holding down Aux 8 and pressing Assign was successful. Thank you!

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