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    Hello, im just trying to figure out a system that works where I can have a 96khz preamps with the ME monitoring.
    I’ve been working with a production company to price out an audio system overhaul for our church (coming from roland REAC system) and originally we were looking at SQ-5, 2x DX168, ME-U with a bunch of ME-500s and ME-1s. However upon reading the literature and here theres no way we can have this system work. What’s the solution? There seems to be no way to employ 96khz for deep processing stage box and use ME monitoring.

    Also wondering why the picture attached is part of the S-link connection document when every forum question asked about dlive rack compatibility says no…

    Thanks in advanced

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    So as I have learned or at least think I understand…the DX168 was built as a pre-amp extension for the Dlive system, so it runs off of one of the
    Dlive Stagebox/Brains, e.g. CDM32, DM64 etc. The processing is done by the FPGA in the stagebox. As a benefit you can use it in an SQ system and
    it will use the SQ FPGA for processing. Unfortunately if you use the DX168 expansions you can’t use an ME systems. Believe you can do this with a Dlive. There are some
    expansion cards in the works and maybe one of those will allow you to run the DX168’s and an ME system…dunno. What I’m curious about in using the DX168’s
    is if the audio fidelity is comparable to the Dlive or there some minor losses in fidelity. Purchasing a Dlive CDM32 and running it off a laptop with a
    fader expander is right about or just above the cost of an SQ and 2 of the DX168’s and also right in the neighborhood of a Waves LV1 and stageboxes. Decisions,

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    There are several cards in developpement. The first might be the Dante,which was supposed to be available end of Q1 but seems delayed. The second is an SLink card. The later is a new product. In the beginning they planned on a GigAce card but the sLink is just more flexible. But don’t expect it before later this year. When the Dante become available you will be able to use the system as you planned. SQ – Dante – MU1(with Dante card) to ME1 and the slink port will connect to the DX interfaces. I had this discussion with AH at ISE in February.

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    Man that’s such a let down. So not even the dante card they always show on their videos are available?
    I really like everything else about the sq series but not having available a solution for people that want to use 96khz with their personal monitoring system stinks, guess we’ll just have to wait til the cards are available. Here’s to hoping it’ll be available in the next month or two.

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