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    We currently have a Qu-32 and send a mix to a PC running Reaper for live streaming. Reaper mixes then sends it back to the board through USB which then sends out a Mix Bus to a USB interface. We also want to have another PC receive certain channels, apply some vst effects, then send back to board for live foh.

    We could do all this on the single streaming pc, but the foh couldn’t work on the effects during the live stream.

    Is there a way to connect two computers to the board through a usb hub? I’m thinking not but figured I’d check. Otherwise we may need to look at MultiPoint Microsoft server on the desktop. I’d do it with Dante but that’s a no-go with the Qu series..

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    Sending audio to and from a computer via USB adds a lot of latency. This isn’t an issue for your stream because the video processing takes time and you likely still have to delay the audio even more than the existing latency to get it to match the video. However if you want to use FXs in your FOH mix, I think you will find the USB connection will add so much latency to the signal chain that there will be a perceptible echo when listening to both the raw and FX tracks in the live setting. If you want to be able to use most plugins in a live setting (especially if those plugins will add additional latency themselves – which most do – on top of the USB latency) most of the time you will need to use an I/O card – either a Waves card or Dante. A Waves card is required if you want to interface with a Waves Soundgrid Server which provides the lowest latency solution out there (round trip latency is less than 3ms to and from the Soundgrid Server). Either the Waves or Dante cards can send audio to and from a computer running a DAW with plugins, but the roundtrip latency is going to be higher – probably around 8-15 ms in total (before any plugin latency). The USB roundtrip latency is even higher than this. Most people can perceive a timing difference as low as 7ms, but certainly will hear it somewhere between 15-30ms.

    You also have to keep in mind that this one potential source of latency is not the only source of latency in a typical digital chain. I suggest reading this article on the issue and how it affects our musicians.


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    Thanks for the info, I agree my first choice wouldn’t be to use USB to add FX to the FOH, unfortunately it’s the only option with our Qu-32 as it doesn’t support a Dante or Waves cared (I wish the ethernet network port on the back could work with some DAW software).

    We just purchased this board about 5 years ago so it might be difficult to get funds for a newer board.

    Is there an option on the Qu-32 to add fx such as a de-esser, autotune, or any other fx that isn’t pre-loaded into the unit? Any option to load fx into the board?


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