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    I have a 24 and a 16 I use them and love them a lot the wireless feature is great for adjusting monitors but I have some bigger gigs I need to run seperate side stage monitor and I know the wireless range will not be good enough to leave a guy with an Ipad onthe side of stage.

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    Dick Rees

    You just need to set up a better wireless network or use some kind of split to a designated monitor desk. There’s no reason why side-stage wireless shouldn’t work if you have a good set of directional antennae at height.

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    I run both dSNAKE and network back to stage, that’s where my router lives.

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    There is no reason to limit yourself to a single access point.

    Set a second WAP with the same SSID/Passphrase, but a different channel (be aware of the overlaps) and you can roam freely between them. Then put one WAP at FOH, and one stage side.

    This can be done by:
    VLAN capable switches using the one run of cat5 for dSnake and network
    Running splitters to used the unused pairs of cat5 (untested with dSnake)
    Run a second cat5
    Use power line adapters
    Have a WAP extender/repeater, maybe halfway down the audience space?

    I’m planning to test the splitter option for musicians to use the QuYou controls

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    My weakness is networking
    Can someone draw ? sketch up a simple schematic of this with the required settings to place a second Airport Extreme at the stage end?
    Can I simply take a link (Cat 5 or 6) out of an AirPort Extreme at the desk end and run a second unit at the stage?
    Is this called extender?

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    I have interest in this topic too. I use an Apple Airport Express and an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station model A1521 router as a “booster” for the Express. I have not tried it on a job yet though.

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    It’s extremely simple, but does take a bit of poking around on the units.

    Only one should run DHCP
    They should have different IP addresses themselves (same network)
    They should have the same SSID and security setup

    Force them to be channel 1 at FOH and channel 6 on stage (these are far enough apart to reduce interference between each other)

    Then a single cat5 between lan ports will connect them.

    Any device will roam between them according to signal strength, and there is one big wireless network.

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    Many ways to accomplish this…

    I use ubuquiti access points and products…but most brands have these devices these days…

    Use a small switch (Layer 2) to connect the devices…
    One connection to the qu…
    One connection to each access point…
    Configure each access point with a different ip address…but on same subnet…ex. and etc.
    Configure each access point with same SSID (wifi name) but a different channel to not interfere with each other…depending on your country you may have 3 or 4 non overlapping channels on the 2.4Ghz band and more on the 5Ghz band
    Note…you can get access points with both bands or just one of either…
    You can put up as many access points as you need to cover the area…just get a cat5 line there (and power if not a Poe access point)

    Wireless is a bit more setup…bit not much…
    You setup everything like wired…but the Ethernet cable will be replaced with a wireless bridge..
    So, you will have another radio at each end of where your cables would have plugged in…
    Note…use a different channel or better yet radio band for the bridge to avoid interference…

    I’ve installed networks for over 20 years for a living, so if you need exact or more info, let me know…

    Not an apple airport fan…too limited for my taste…but they do work…

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    Thanks for the detail Bret
    THis is a learning curve for myself however I kind of understand.


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    I was preparing to go and get another Airport Extreme (and a second iPad) fist thing this morning to hard wire them as ‘Roaming’.. only because of ease of setting up where I didnt have to think too much!?
    You have me thinking now…

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    ya but I have a few gigs they want a separate monitor mix on the side of stage, AKA dedicated mixer. I know I can run a long cat 5 back to the stage and put a guy in charge of monitors via Ipad but some of these clowns think its it toy. Dont get me wrong I love setting monitors with a Ipad.

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    Another case for a BCF2000?

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    How would you use a BCF2000 in this scenario?

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    I’ve just spent the weekend at a festival where we had the QU side stage for monitors & mixed FOH from an iPad. Worked pretty well, though there were a few times when the shared gain got turned up by the FOH person & caused problems in the monitor world.

    ya but I have a few gigs they want a separate monitor mix on the side of stage, AKA dedicated mixer.

    There is no built in way to use two desks for FOH & Mons. The only solution is a good old analogue splitter box.

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