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    Dick Rees

    I can get along fine with everything as is, but I’d love ro be able to have the spectrograph available as an option ON the Home > Meters > RTA screen of my iPad.
    Best would be if it still followed the PFL.

    Otherwise fine…

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    Me too.

    Could be a bandwidth/speed limitation I guess, as I’m sure A&H will have looked into it when the spectrograph first appeared.

    If anybody really needs it, it’s achievable using two iDevices, a lightning > USB “camera” cable & a couple Studio Six Digital’s apps, sending PAFL into one device & metering on another.

    That certainly isn’t a cheap solution, though to be fair, once you have the stuff, it can do a lot more than just the spectrograph.

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    Dick Rees

    Thanks, Mark. I’m thinking that’s the case.

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    IIRC ‘other’ manufacturers manage to send spectrographs out.

    What’s the update rate on the QU spectro (and how many bands is it?)

    You’re talking pretty low data rates.
    Let’s assume 100 bands at 10Hz, with 16 bit resolution (I suspect that’s generous overall).

    What else is transmitted? Meter data – another 10kbps?
    Erm – fader position updates?

    Bandwidth is hardly a massive limitation for the non audio side (and bandwidth isn’t an issue there either – jitter is)

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    I’d like the Spectrograph on the iPad app aswell. Seems odd that that Allen & Heath state the QU-SB has the Spectrograph feature on the product page but it’s not actually in the Qu-Pad app!?

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    Dick Rees

    Yeah, that’s just a cut and paste job by the web site guys. Editing is a field in decline, more’s the pity. Newspapers are almost unreadable and the occasional literate column or article goes off like a meteorite in the night sky.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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