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    New to A&H community. I just bought Qu-Pak and trying to understand the functionality. One thing i notice that every time i turn on and off the unit it causes speaker pop quite loud in fact. I think i am doing the way it suppose to be. I go to home and on the screen press the turn off box and then turn off the physical switch at the back of the unit. I own many audio interfaces including my trusty RME Fireface that is connected to my Mac and Audio 6 from Native Instruments with my Mac book Pro never did that.



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    Speaker on last. Speaker off first.

    That will solve your problem.

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    As Art said…

    it is (should be) common practice around the entire world to never turn on or off any device that feeds a powered speaker system, or an amplifier with connected speakers.

    For the very reason you are complaining about… POP!

    ALWAYS turn on the speakers/amps AFTER turning everything else on.

    ALWAYS turn off the speakers/amps BEFORE turning on or off any equipment feeding the speakers/amps

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    Dick Rees


    Probably THE cardinal rule for sound system operation is amps on last, off first. If you’re not obeying this you will not only get a noise, you’ll eventually damage or just wear out the loudspeaker. Makes no difference if the speakers are self-powered or powered by a separate amp.

    You are absolutely correct in following console shut down procdure. Now just add proper SYSTEM power-up/-down protocol.

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    Same here ,on last ,off first.

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    Mike C

    If this in a more permanent type of installation/studio you may want to look at a power sequencing system, one switch to turn everything on and off in the proper sequence…provided the equipment is plugged into the proper stages of the sequencing system.

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    If it s not an on/off process issue, maybe you have to check your amp. I remember an old crown mt2400 with a big “ploc” on chanel 2 . We just replaced 1 relay.

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    As others have indicated, this is a common issue and easily remedied problem. We use a three-step power sequencer on our church system, and I use a similar one with my home theater, just to be safe. You may also have to add some type of remote switching device to power up systems that are not local with the mixer.

    Most modern power amps and powered speakers have a relay that connect the transducers (speakers) after the amp has stabilized, but most mixers do not include such circuitry, so you must follow the rule to connect power amps AFTER the mixer and any other inline devices have powered up.

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