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    …Create an actual tutorial video series on the QU mixers.

    I’ve searched you-tube, and I have watched the official Allen and Heath vids. I have to say they leave much to be desired. They are more like feature overviews, but for me they are lacking even in that area as far as showing or explaining exactly what is possible. They are void of any useful or necessary detail, and they fly by at 100 miles an hour for a beginner.

    I belong to another forum (Fractal Audio) as I’m a guitar player. On the fractal forum, there is an incredible amount of information and knowledge about that device, and a couple of folks have made actual small businesses out of producing video’s, creating profiles and other services like that. I’d think someone could create a solid 60-120 minutes of tutorial on how to operate and take advantage of the power of this thing, put out a few free samples (so we can tell it’s good) and then I for one would pay a reasonable access fee to download those vids. Just sayin….

    I mean… I’d do it in a heartbeat, except I’m the one who needs the tutor!

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    Colonel Ted

    I completely agree.

    The largest objection I’ve heard from countless analog users is the time it’ll take to get up to speed with the QU16. Outside this forum, the info is very sketchy.

    I’d be stunned if A&H couldn’t create a strong business case for this sort of tutorial package. It would undoubtedly result in significantly increased sales.

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