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    Dear A&H

    I have a couple of feature requests/comments:

    There doesn’t seem to be a way of adding user control to shows and/or scenes (at least not that I’ve found!). It would be handy to be able to set certain shows or scenes within shows to only be overwriteable by the admin user – like the default template scenes that come on the console.

    I’d like to be able to view a particular page on the screen using a softkey, like you can on eg. an M7. For me, specifically the FX units!
    I’ve kind of found a way around this, but it’s not as flexible as I would like – setting the softkey to do “mix + pafl” of the FX channel, but I’d prefer that it not do the pafl part. It’d be great as well if there were a “sel + mix” option within the “sel mix pafl scene” softkey assignment options.

    It would be nice if when an internal FX unit is inserted on a channel/master, opening the “insert” tab on the processing view opened the FX unit to edit it – means it’s “there” when you have a channel selected.

    Could you add an option to turn off “remembering” the mix/master which was PAFL’d when an input PAFL is deselected? (Ie aux 3 is PAFL’d. I then double tap any input PAFL and it’ll return to aux 3 – I’d prefer double tap to take it back to default (LR)). I understand why it this way, but I would like to turn it off!

    I haven’t found it, but is it possible to set USB play/next/stop on softkeys? This might aid people using the USB for playback of show music/sound effects etc.

    What about an option to link the pans for an input channel between the master LR and stereo auxes? This would speed things up for me when setting up stereo IEM mixes.

    GLD editor – would it be possible to include a feature which allows double-clicking to reset a parameter (eg double click a fader to move it to 0dB)? Particularly intuitive for users as I believe a lot of DAW software does this. I’d certainly use it!

    Also a possible bug or somethign with the editor – the show manager does not display shows other than the default/factory ones on the console in the editor.

    I really enjoy using my GLD and I haven’t used another digital console (even 10-20x the price!) with a user interface as good! The only thing that could improve it for me is having the knob in the bottom right of the screen “clickable” – ie, it acts as an “enter” or “apply” button when pressed. I’d be pretty impressed if you could get that in a firmware update though!


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    1. +1
    2. I’m surprised there’s not a way to do this. I could see where this would be handy.
    3. +1
    4. Mine actually does this… Maybe it’s an option?
    5. +1, as long as you could then disable it (and keep current settings) after setup
    6. As an option. This would get me in trouble if I couldn’t disable it during a show
    7. I believe the editor has a different show memory than the console. I think the implementation could be better, but I can see why it is this way.
    8. Agreed. I am constantly trying to push that knob.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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