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    Hey, after few weeks of SQ-7 use, I have found the following problems:

    1) Name changing bug:
    Be on layer A, select a fader, press Processing button if not already in processing, select different layer and touch the name of a channel to change it’s name, will show you another layers channel name, not the one selected, same thing in routing!

    2) Mix changing bug? Maybe this is intended behavior, but feels wrong to me!
    Press sel key on some GROUP fader, then press fader flip for geq and you have your active mix changed, need to press LR (or whatever mix was active before) to get back!

    3) Display messes up sometimes:
    sometimes display messes up, see picture, like messed up overview routing vs single channel routing, sometimes the channel info at the side is the only thing thats showing up – everything in the middle is empty.

    4) Some minor thing – next to word “Current:” on top of the screen – after colon there are some white pixels, there are no such white pixels after “Next:”

    Some suggestions:
    1) Soft-button for PAFL changing Input AFL/Output AFL that depends on what channel you PAFL, for example if you PAFL input channel and Input AFL is ON, then soft button lights UP, if you press soft button it turns Input AFL OFF, similar to output, problem is with additive PAFL, but then we can just ignore soft button presses or check if all PAFL channels are inputs or all are outputs otherwise soft-button gets inactive or blinks randomly.

    2) I/O is dangerous to browse!
    I really don’t go into I/O page until I have saved current scene, I have several times changed settings accidentally, just browsing & looking around! I think the problem is that short delay between drag or touch detecting and sometimes you start dragging slowly and… change settings!
    I would love to have some longpress to change IO settings + would be great to have “old” ports in different color, new ports in different color so that you can see what you have done, then apply button to apply settings. Yes, I understand, there is not much space to place buttons, IO for inputs is HUGE 🙂 just an idea, I know you guys know better what would be the best way!

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