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    I am using the SoftRotaries to control the “SendToAux” levels for a surround sound setup (5.1 channels assigned to Aux1-6) on SQ7. This works great as I can configure SoftRotaries to apply to “CurrentSel”. Workflow is:
    1) Select channel (SEL)
    2) Adjust Aux sends (=Surround Balance via Aux Sends) using SoftRotaries

    Now I would like to go one step further and control the SoftRotaries via MIDI from an external XY-Joystick. For those into this – the Joystick is configured to send the right MIDI messages to achieve the desired combination of AuxSends to achieve the Surround Pan input via the Joystick.

    Turns out though that the SoftRotaries cannot be controlled by MIDI if I am not mistaken.

    Can MIDI control for the SoftRotaries be added, similar to how it is possible to control the SoftKeys via MIDI?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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