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    I use my QU24 to record stereo tracks on a regular basis & assigned 2 soft keys to QU-DRIVE STEREO REC to arm the recording, as well as QU-DRIVE STEREO PLAY to start the recording. There is no way of pausing / stopping the recording using a soft key once the recording has started. Would be nice to have more functionality with the soft keys, so you can at least stop the recording without having to go into QU-DRIVE screen each time, especially if using the screen to monitor other features on the console.

    Additional features / shortcuts that can be assigned to soft keys will also be great. Sometimes getting to a certain menu or feature that is used often can only be accessed after going through a number of layers. Would be nice to assign important features (for ex. RTA, etc) to soft keys for easy accessibility.

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    You can assign a softkey to “Stop” recording, I used to do this, but as the desk is close by I chose to un-assign the soft keys and do it manually.


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    David Haughton

    Hi Hanroux, from Qu firmware v1.7+ you can assign QuDrive Stereo Rec functions Stop, Play/Pause and Arm in Qu’s Setup > Control > Softkeys menu. Each function will have to be assigned to a different softkey, but I’ve just checked this in v1.8 and all is working well!
    Hope this helps.

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    Got it thanks, I should’ve checked properly first. Not sure if this was available with earlier versions? Missed the CNTRL button options on the selected soft key. Appreciate the assistance. Would still like to assign some of the other features on the console to soft keys though, but the most important ones are catered for. Just being fussy I guess!

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    Discussed this elsewhere- I too, did not first understand the function of the ctrl-tab. Quite a waste of softkeys. I think it would be possible to assign just one softkey to toggle recording: arm/rec/stop. The info-bar would indicate the status, as usual.

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