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    Hi guys

    I have read the manual, googled and youtube
    But have failed to figure out what is wrong

    1 I first set up the soft keys with the Ipad as mute buttons
    2 I then needed to use soft keys 2-4 for scene recall, scene previous, scene next. This i programmed on the console and pressed apply for each soft key
    3 After pressing the soft keys for once it goes back to my previous setting for mute groups
    4 I then unassigned the soft keys, reassign them but the same issue persists.
    5 I tried to do it on the ipad but was in use for the aux page

    What am i doing wrong?

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    Softkeys assignment is safed with the scene! Set the softkey in the global recall safe settings to “safe”!

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    I feel like such an idiot
    I decided to read the manual again and found exactly what you said
    Sorry for the unnecessary thread

    Note – SoftKey settings are stored in scenes. If you do
    not want these settings overwritten when scenes are
    recalled then block the ‘SoftKeys’ item in the Global
    Filter. Use the Scenes / Global Filter screen.

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    It’s a common mistake – sufficiently common that I wonder if it should be mentioned on the soft keys configuration screen (maybe when setting scene functions there?)

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    Yep – it’s bitten me too. Rather embarrassing to try and tap in a delay tempo & find you’re muting & unmuting the keyboards in time with the drums!

    I wonder if it would be better if soft keys were safe by default…….

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    Yesterday i had to also add the mix sends to the safe
    although all scenes was done during sound check and all mix sends was on pre and even checked all prior to the show
    it changed to post
    Had no time to check so just added it to the safe

    Was very annoyed yesterday. Lead singer came when it started no sound check etc and then tells the drummer to play slow. Who in turn played louder
    then he moves his 2 monitor speakers, sings another song and then says he cant here himself. The monitor was so loud the FOH can here it. Disaster

    Then on the mic he says its still not right which i said through the talk mic that you moved the monitor and thats why. The crowd laughs since the monitors are so loud and he says their is something wrong with the system.

    Since the crowd love him im the one who is made to look bad.

    Tonight is day 2 of the show and im gona set according to last nights program and tell the lead nicely to please listen to what we can here and what is he trying to achieve

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    I wonder if it would be better if soft keys were safe by default…….

    As I recall, the soft keys are safe in the GLD factory shows. I wonder why QU is different.

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    So Deeps did that fix the problem? I just brought a new QU-24, can’t get the soft keys to take the scenes, keeps going back to mute. manual doesn’e explain well as you know, thanks for any help…

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    The Soft keys is going to default mutes when pushed any of the 1 ~ 4 soft key. I tried to assigned a scene to soft key-1 another on soft-2, another on soft-6, & another on soft-7, it does not take, keep going back to default, I tried what the manual said to do & it still do the same, any ideas ?? thanks guys…

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    Their are two ways that i have figgured out
    Make sure default and all scenes have the same config for soft keys
    Add soft keys to your safe

    I use the safe to address this and mix sends
    I dont know why the mix sends go to post by itself as the desk comes with pre mix but on the scenes it changes to post by it self.

    Use the Safes

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