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    I would like to see much more with the soft keys.

    1. I would like to bypass effects using soft keys.

    2. I would like to use the soft keys to navigate the page tabs on the GUI. At least be able to page forward and back using the keys. It would be nice to use the keys to jump to specific pages.

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    Jordan T. Hurt


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    An additional specific thought would be to bypass an entire card slot or range. For example, we have a Waves3 card in Surface Slot 4, it would be awesome to have a button that would simply bypass all inserts to slot 4. We had our waves host computer crash during a rehearsal a few weeks ago and this would have allowed up to keep rehearsing while the computer rebooted.

    (We have worked around this with a scene recall with a filter applied to it, assigned to a key… but that has to be updated every time inputs change.)

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    It seems like there’s lots of soft keys but not many features to put on them!

    I would love to be able to control usb playback.

    Being able to stack more than one function onto a soft key would be cool.

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    “I would love to be able to control usb playback.”

    that’s exactly what i’ve mentioned before. it would be great if you could play an intro or a gong over a softkey.

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    +1 real macros please!

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    Programming 2 or more different settings for the console lighting would be nice aswell.

    Like dimming al the console lighting with 1 touch of a button.

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    @Luuk You can do that using scenes. Go into scenes then filters, block all, then under other, allow Surface Illumination. Next assign a softkey to that specific scene to change the lighting.

    You could even get fancy and allow that specific softkey to get recalled with the scene changing it to recall another lighting level scene so that the softkey essentially toggles through your different brightness settings.

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    @scott i didn’t know that !!

    however this is still no option for me, because i run my show using scenes. and using your method would screw up my cuelist.

    still good to know though !! so thanks.

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    @Luuk use a scene at the end of the list…


    @ Tpaulding, why not just use a scoped scene for DSP kill? I do that for everything going to live professor. Literally just two softkeys mapped to scenes that either bypass the routing, or make that routing active for the desired channels.

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    +1, I’d like to be able to use softkeys to jump to different bookmarked pages, for example:
    – USB playback
    – test signal assign
    – PAFL settings (eg to switch additive mode on or off quickly)

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    I guess I just can’t help and vote for more softkey functions, and some of the functions I would like to see will probably be perfectly feasible through the use of scene’s, but that’s not how scenes are supposed to be used in my logical brain. I just can’t get over the fact that you’re saving a scene, filled with useless information, from which you only use a really small set of instructions for the purpose of what you’re trying to do… and I don’t really like using scene’s anyway

    With the upcoming update I could well be on point with some of these ideas…

    So these are some examples of the things I would like to do with SoftKeys:
    – Enable/Disable a single channel or group of channel inserts
    – Switch a channels source to an alternative input for spare mic’s or alternative lead vocal placements (Maybe in v1.8… 😉
    – +1 for the LEDs setting for black-out situations…
    – and for all the thing’s I can’t think of right now, a learn function. Like record what I’m doing now and repeat when I press…

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    +5 for more soft key functions. (Myself and my colleagues)

    -Page jumps

    -Record to USB options (which is on the QU series, making it more functional than the dLive in that aspect?)

    -USB playback options

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    Sarcastic sound man

    Still it wold be nice to have real macros. I mean program any action on a button

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