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    Hi all

    New to the QU-24 having just upgraded from a ZED-R16 that has gone to the great gig in the sky. Loving it so far, a lot to get my head around moving from a lifetime of analogue to a digital mixer for the first time.

    One thing that I am really missing and doesn’t seem possible as far as I can tell from the manual and the latest MIDI protocol document is the ability to use the soft keys for MIDI control of my DAW. For example the equivalent buttons on my ZED-R16 were assigned to DAW functions that I use most often, such as zeroing peak meters, turning on MIDI sync, turning on click tracks, etc. etc.

    On the QU-24 though it seems that the only MIDI use for the soft keys is either MMC or Bank up and Bank down messages. The ability to send 10 different MIDI messages that I can then assign to various DAW commands would be great. In fact I can’t believe that it’s not possible as it seems such an obvious use so perhaps it is and I just need to RTFM again.

    If it isn’t possible please consider this a request for a future firmware. If it is please point me to where in the manual it explains how and I’ll go read it again.


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    the QU is limited in this to only a few commands
    I would recommend a dedicated transport control and macro box for your needs
    something like a stream deck

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    Thanks for the reply. I already have an MCU+XT for my main DAW control. It’s just I always found the MIDI buttons on my ZED really handy for several quick functions assignments/resets etc while tracking but it’s no big issue. Just thought it would be an option for improvement if at all possible.

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    Welcome FastBikerBoy
    Yes the ZED-R16 did have lots of assignable midi controls.
    However the QU range has a lot of other positives going for it!
    Are you using windows or Mac?

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    Hi. I am a Windows user.

    Yes I appreciate the QU range is great. It’s a big step up from my old ZED and I’m not knocking it or regretting buying it.

    I think it’s because it’s so much better I’m surprised it doesn’t have the ability to send a wider range of MIDI messages from the soft keys.

    It’s not the end of the world though. Just an idea for a feature request that would be helpful to me and my workflow.

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