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    It would be great if there were an option to bind the “lock master faders” to a softkey so you don’t have to go into the menus every time to turn it on or off.

    I feel like I want to use that master section as my “money” section. Doing mostly corporate, it’s somewhere I’d likely land my podium VCA, ambient mic VCA (for stream), and keynote speaker mic. Things I need to access often but maybe don’t need on the surface 100% of the time

    Really just a quick access to 4 faders, no matter what layer I’m on. But with how I have some of my show files setup, I use all 12 of my right faders on multiple banks and losing 4 of those all the time is a bit inconvenient, as is going into the menu to turn it on and off during a show.

    I do have a current workaround with VCA spills, but it be a bit easier if I could punch a soft key and bring up those 4 master faders (and not waste a VCA).

    Almost how Midas has their “area B” on the larger pro series. Only with Avantis it’d have the advantage of not using up desk space all the time.

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    You can use scenes to change strip assignments on a layer and use softkeys to trigger that. So not exactly what you were asking, but it could accomplish the goal and is more flexible in terms of which faders and where you want them.

    I typically have any vocal faders in the same place on every layer of a bank and work the other channels around that, but I understand wanting the real estate to minimize layer-flipping. This application of scenes has saved me some frustration before!

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