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    1 re-work of the scenes screen including moving up/down of scenes
    2 route mixes to LR
    3 HPF on mixes
    4 LPF on inputs and mixes
    5 sidechain for gate and compressor
    6 audio interrogate
    7 linking of stereo channels
    8 transport controls in the Qu-Pad
    9 selection of more than one channel for synchronized fader movement
    10 better use of status bar to display useful values
    11 values of mix master faders readable somewhere
    12 last “current scene” loaded after restart
    13 splitting inputs
    14 name and date of show files easier readable so it can be recognized easier in a backup
    15 simultaneous stereo playback and multitrack recording
    16 simultaneous multitrack plackback and stereo recording
    17 start/stop recording (stereo and multitrack) with one softkey button (not working properly)
    18 auto display focus when working on the channel strip
    19 adjustable decay time in the RTA screen
    20 color changing of channels in Qu-Pad
    21 better readable RTA screen (wider columns, more contrast)
    22 consequent use of “select” and “cancel” buttons, for example in the softkey function assignment screen

    And more…

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    another vote for HPF on mixes here..

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    23 consistent placing of routing information in the Routing pages and in a new dedicated place for all global routing (f.e. Home->Routing)

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    Anything & everything that makes better use of the screen real-estate. Could be prettier also… streamlining the scene recall-logic is high on my list.

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    @A&H: how about selling or crowdfunding features?

    Although I don’t understand why a mix can be routed to an FX but not to LR… I would be willing to pay for extra features.

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    24 display of pan/balance values in the Qu’s screen

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    … f.e. using a number from 0.0 to 1.0 for each L and R.

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    Yep, what dpdan said.

    I can see that 16/24/32 Multi-Band Compressors is probably not possible but an effects unit that can be inserted into a channel should be OK.

    Also, I want to be able to select, and edit effects from Qu-Pad.

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    Yes – FX control from the iPad would be rather useful.

    First gig with pure iPad control last week, and the FX control is the one thing I really missed (although we didn’t do the song where I normally ride the reverb decay time as much as the soloists faders)

    My only available solution at the moment is to run a “long” and a “short” FX unit, but I’m not sure how that will sound…

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    Downward expansion option in the gate.

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    Mix sends on Custom Layer please!

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    “Mix sends on Custom Layer please!”

    They are already I think.

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    “They are already I think.”

    Unfortunately only Mix Masters can be added to the custom layer, not mix sends. Makes the custom layer less useful when sending whole instruments to dedicated auxes.

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    Dick Rees

    OK. Are you looking to change the levels of individual inputs in ALL mixes? I don’t see any advantage to placing your sends on a custom layer rather than selecting a mix and using the regular sends-on-faders.

    Either way you have to make a selection: custom layer or mix.

    As it is now you can address the level of any individual channel to the various mixes by selecting the channel, going to the “routing” screen and using the rotary encoder to change send level.

    If you’re ” stuck” working from an iPad, then perhaps you could use something on a custom layer, but I personally do not see any advantage to placing the function differently. There are problems attending using something other than the Mix tabs.

    If you need a single voice raised in ALL mixes, I suggest merely raising the input trim on that channel.

    Or perhaps I’m missing the particular use which you require. Right now I cannot imagine a case where your proposal would be a necessity.

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