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    I have only had this board a few days, but here are a few things that would greatly improve the board

    – adding values below the graphic EQ bands on screen

    – being able to reset a single parametric EQ parameter to zero(gain) or default(freq/width) by holding reset and clicking the value box for the parameter on the screen

    – having the RTA on top of the graphic EQ (like the ipad app) or as a vertical line beneath the actual faders. Maybe you can have a button underneath where it says IN for the graphic EQ that enables the RTA for the current graphic EQ while on that graphic EQ page. When you leave the page, the RTA will return to the previous selected PFL.

    – having some type of marking for dB levels for the graphic EQ and the RTA.

    any explanation why the RTA has two of the same analysers?

    Great board so far though. The rest of the guys in the band were impressed by how straightforward the workflow is and well laid out it is.

    Good work, can’t wait for future firmware updates!

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    I would love to see more OK and Cancel buttons (Or Apply/Cancel) whichever is appropriate for the particular screen.

    There are some places, like choosing an Effect for a Rack, where you must make a selection in order to exit that screen. It could be a problem if you start to scroll and then change your mind. Especially if you have forgotten what was originally selected.

    It’s not a big deal but it’s the little things that make the difference between a good user interface and a great user interface.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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