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    Very pleased with the whole package, v1.7 and qu-control works incredibly well. My previous fears about using it on a “big gig” (16-32 inputs) have been allayed.
    Just one small change: make the selected item in the qu-control a little more obvious. There is a very subtle marker at the moment, if it could be enhanced it would be great. I am in the habit of “touch first then adjust” but this may not be the case for everyone.

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    I know this is an old post, but I have just purchased a Qu-Pac and have noticed that the selected item highlight is all but invisible unless you are at eye level with the LCD screen.

    So I would like to request that the highlight be changed so that it is clear from any angle.


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    Just to add to these posts, any way to indicate a muted channel on the qu-control screen on a QuPac?
    I hadn’t been using my QuPac for a while so was briefly held up when a channel was muted on the iPad, but no obvious sign of muting showing on the QuPac display.
    Fiddled about for a bit before I remembered what to do and check the iPad!

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Robbocurry,

    The easiest way to view the muting behaviour of a channel in the Qu-Control view is to assign a block as the Mute control for that channel. This way, you have the added ability of controlling the mute for that channel as well as identifying if it is muted.



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    Hi Alex,
    That’s a handy workaround, I’ve actually done that before for mix send screens etc.
    I’ll have to depopulate the screen a bit to add that in to the setup I was using. Flicking to the channel page would show up the mutes per channel too I suppose.
    Just for handiness (for me, not you coders;)) I thought integrating the mute within the button would have been more user friendly.
    It’s not a biggy though, thank you for your reply!👍🏻😉

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