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    the SLink card auto detects my connection into a TP-Link SG1008PE as GigaACE, even though there are only ME-1 units connected to the switch.
    All ME-1 units are Rev1.15

    Is there a way to force the SQ slot 1 into dSnake mode?

    I’ve had to loop it through a ME-1 before hitting the switch to force it into dSnake mode. Not ideal.

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    I’am using an ar2412 for this. I already had this unit. Is the cheapest way to to this.

    If there is an other solution…..

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    If an SLink port detects a Gigabit connection, it will assume a GigaACE device; this includes your Gigabit switch. A 100 megabit switch should work properly; alternatively you could try connecting the SLink port to the switch using an Ethernet cable with only pairs 1 and 2 (pins 1,2,3,6 in the RJ45 plug) connected, preventing a Gigabit link from being established, and putting the port in a ME-compatible mode. Another alternative might be to connect your PoE switch via a cheap unmanaged 100 megabit switch; this might at least be a cheap and easy test.

    Hope this helps

    – Jeff, A&H

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    I have this one.

    I use this one with no problem with the ar2412 and 4 me-1’s

    On a sq5 i can’t get it working.

    @ahjeff I think you mean the pairs 1-2 and 3-6?


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    Hi guys,

    I found this after quite a bit of troubleshooting and searching, but signed up to say this really needs to be in the DX system guide documentation. I have an SQ-5 in an install with a DX168, and a key feature of the installation is the ability for the client to move the mixer around on a cart and plug in to any of the designated ethernet ports, which run back to a dedicated switch on which the only other device is the DX168. So there’s never more than one mixer and one DX168 on the network, but they can patch in anywhere.

    Connecting only pairs 1 & 2 did the trick for my install, but it needs to be documented. There aren’t many fast ethernet switches out there anymore, and the DX system guide specifically cites fibre media converters which are almost certainly going to be gigabit and up, so unless they’re running gigaACE, users reading that are going to run into the same trouble.


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    Søren Steinmetz

    Log into the switch and force one (or all) the ports to 100Mbit, then the console ‘should’ default to D-Snake mode.

    At least that is what my SQ5 did, when I just connected to a 100Mbit switch.

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    I don’t know how I missed this, but this is great!

    Much thanks, even though a little late. 🙂

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