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    I’d love to have the ability to send the 4 dedicated effect sends to more than one effect slot.

    Use case: I typically set up a short and long reverb, and a tap delay for use on vocal channels. Instead of using 3 separate effect sends as a source, I’d like to use one send to feed 3 effect slots. This will allow the remaining 3 effect sends to be used for other FX, such as drum verb, instrument verb, and chorus. I’m using all 12 aux/group busses for monitors, so I don’t have the option to use one of those to feed the additional effects.

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    Hi Soundguybob!

    You can route every Aux Send Bus (1-12) to more than one effect unit.


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    You can route signal from input direct out to an fx, in fact you can route input direct out to 3x fx. The only downside of doing this is you do not have independent control of the send level, or at least I haven’t found it yet, you would have to adjust the input level to each fx slot on the fx screen. This means on the surface only and not using MixPad app.
    To do this set up the fx you want in an unused slot, set as send and return, set the input source as the input direct out of the channel you want. You then have control of the fx out using the fx return fader for the slot you have chosen.
    This can be done multiple times for the same input channel. The only limitation being there are only 8 fx slots in total.
    It does work, I’ve just tried it with my SQ5.

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    The other drawback is it only works for one channel per fx slot. If you were using groups to main, as opposed to using them for foldback, you could inset 1 fx into the group path.
    In a way you are asking for what I want, and what is available on Avantis and Dlive, the ability to release the other half of a mono aux or group, to be used as an independent mono mix.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I like this idea!

    On many shows I use all my Auxes for monitors/IEMs too so find I’m limited to four FX on send/return. That’s normally enough but I find myself loading saved FXs from my library in between songs instead of having them set up ready to go. Having say a room reverb on FX1 and a hall on FX5 both fed from FX1 Send would allow me to simply toggle the mutes on FX1/5 returns to select which one to use which would be a lot simpler.

    As far as the UI goes it would simply be adding the FX1-4 as sources into the second select on the Back Panel and displaying the correct Send below it.
    As they are internally just buses I can’t see any difficulty in it being possible for the core unless there’s something that is ‘hardwired’ that prohibits this – which there may be as otherwise they would possibly have made the FX Sends ‘mono buses without processing’ and patchable to outputs to give more available/flexible buses for those who need them (which would also be cool).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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