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    We’ve used our ZED 428 to reinforce sound in our church building, but now we’re sending out to Zoom users also via a computer on the USB output.
    I’m the organist – not an audio tech – but did some reading to try and get decent level for my instrument.
    The pipe organ doesn’t need a mic for ‘the house’ – it already fills the room – but it is necessary for the broadcast feed.

    I figured that using the Matrix was the smartest way to allow levels to be controlled.
    Three vocal mics on various channels are assigned to the main L-R (left-right) bus.
    I have set up a condenser mic for the organ on channel 7 as the sole user of the route marked “1-2”.
    My understanding is that the operator can work the faders for the mics and achieve a relative mix that will work for both destinations – ‘house’ and broadcast Zoom transmission via USB. The organ can be mixed in solely to the USB mix using the matrix along with its channel strip.

    My question is how to make this work simply. Apart from the “M” bus, everything seems to be set up for potential stereo use. As things stand, I’m faced with possibly four controls to alter where I’d prefer one.

    You can refer to the help sheet I drew up (Zoom and the Matrix.jpg). My note in green is the key question here: “It MAY be possible to use fewer knobs and still get strong output – we’ll look into that!” The two matrix outputs are *both* sent to the USB output (MTX 1-2); you can’t select just one of them. And most of the channels are prefigured as pairs. If I take a naive approach, with all Pan controls at 12 o’clock, then I might have four matrix controls to manipulate for each group. In my help sheet, I’ve suggested that if we need more organ in the mix, we manipulate the Group 1 / Matrix 1 level, then match it for the other three combinations of (Group 1 or 2) * (Matrix 1 or 2).

    I guess I could use the Mono (M) bus for the organ ‘group’? In that case, we’d have only the Matrix 1 * Matrix 2 duality to deal with. Is it true that to get maximum signal to the computer, I would need to duplicate my Matrix 1 setting for each channel to the Matrix 2 column? Or is it less a sum than a ratio? (If Matrix 2 levels are all set to zero [or whatever], will Matrix 1 supply the full available signal bandwidth to the USB interface?)

    I’m interested in pursuing my understanding of the paired channels thing, so let’s say we stay with the current assignment of the organ to channels “1-2”. (In any case, I suppose this applies to the main “L-R” feed.)

    First, I understand that “1-2” is managed via Pan. If I want to use only one of channels 1 and 2, I could Pan the control all the way to one side. I had a kind of success here, but found that I concentrated signal by panning Channel 7 all the way to the *right* (which is marked “Even”). I thought that the underlying design for left-right output had to do with oddness or evenness of the channel numbers – am I wrong here? Once again, do I help things by panning thus – does this actually deliver the same total signal to the USB destination via the matrix than if I’d had the Pan set to 12 o’clock and the Group “2” levels in the matrix matched?

    We don’t actually use stereo in the house with our L-R setup. I think all the mics are Panned to 12 o’clock. Does that mean I must attend to Matrix 2 on the assumption that there’s an “L-R” stereo signal being sent to the USB via MTX1-2?

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    (Sorry: that was my first post here. Assuming I can’t edit my post, some corrections on my terms:)
    I’ve used “channels” a few times where I meant “groups”.
    The “paired groups thing”.
    Panning as I understand it will deliver signal in the assigned relative proportion to Group “1” or “2”, for example, in the same way as it would to “left””and “right”. I think my counter-intuitive discovery was that Group 1 signal improved when I panned the contributing channel Right (“Even”) rather than Left (“Odd”). Which is odd!

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    House and zoom would likely need different mixes. Also broadcast if you mean AM/FM or real TV.
    Matrix could work depending what you are feeding into it. I think an aux might work better.

    Why use zoom instead of livestream to utoob or facebook like most seem to do?

    Tried to check the documents for more but the pdfs are not flattened and wont scroll on my pc.

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    Mike C

    You ultimately need to create two different mixes, one for the main PA system and one for the live stream mix.
    There are a few ways to get there with the mixer you have but you said simplest….
    Your somewhat close but I think I can take out a couple routing steps.

    It sounds like your already using the USB connection to send to the computer.
    The matrix and the mono mix option for the organ mics and anything else you only want
    to send to the live stream out will work.

    -make sure the only USB source button pushed is MTX1-2.

    -in the matrix mix turn up the L R and M to the unity gain mark with the
    other inputs levels turned down. Turn up the matrix main levels as needed.

    -on every input channel that you want to go to both the PA system and to the live stream assign those channels to only the LR mix, the assign buttons are next to the channel faders.

    -on the channels that you only want to go to the live stream assign those channels only to the M mix.

    That set up will get your two separate input sources mixed together for the live stream.
    You can use the matrix AFL buttons to monitor the audio going to the live stream with headphones plugged into the mixer.

    If you want to use groups…..

    The group function works like you found out, when a channel is assigned to a group the pan knob left right rotation will select group 1 or 3 to the left, 2 or 4 to the right.

    If your are using groups already like for instance all the vocal mics are assigned to group 1 and all the instrument inputs are assigned to group 2 you’ll need to check a couple things.
    -any channels that are using a group assignment you want to check that they are not
    assigned to the LR or M output mixes.

    -at the top of the group master section there output mix assignment buttons,
    group assigned channels you want to go to both the main PA and live stream
    you want that group assigned to the LR.

    -group assigned channels that you only want to go to the live stream you want that
    group assigned to the M output mix.

    For your Zoom broadcast are you receiving incoming audio from the viewers?

    A couple churches I set up with 436 ZED’s use the USB with the matrix about like your wanting to do, one does it for recording to a PC and the other for live streaming.

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