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    A few quick questions regarding shows. Does anyone know if a Show is saved only when you “overwrite” in the show manager or are my scenes automatically saved in a show when I store a scene.
    Also – Which has a higher priority – scene safes or recall filters. In other words, if I have a fader level set for safe, would the “Allow” in recall filter for a particular scene override that and adjust the level or would it still be blocked from recall. would I be better off not having something safed but blocked in all scenes except for when I want it to change.
    I was also trying to do some monitor changes between scenes on a specific channel and no other channels, is that filter controlled under that channels input Routing allow / block filter or it that more a global thing on the aux mix filter? i am not seeing an aux filter control on input channels. Hope that makes sense.


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    Show memories are only updated when you overwrite the show.

    It’s not really a matter or priority, if something is blocked in the scene, globally safed, or both, it won’t be recalled. The global safe function is a good way of making sure something won’t be recalled without having to block it in every scene. It’s worth keeping in mind that stored scenes include everything in the memory, it’s only the recall of that information that is filtered.


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    Thanks for that information. makes sense.


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    and keep in mind that recalling a show changes the scenes as well, a set of scenes is stored in a show.

    The show holds all scenes and libraries, the configuration and the settings as well.
    So not overwriting a show does not safe the scenes to the show.
    They get lost when you recall a different show.
    Hope it helps…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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