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    Scenario: Church worship team has multiple drummers, multiple vocalists, two bass players, and the electric guitars never change.

    The vocalists are easy I think along with the Bass player – I will just save the channel settings in the Library and copy to USB so that no mater what “Show” I am in, the library can always be the “master” settings.

    But I don’t necessarily want to load 9 channels from the library for drums (although it is not that bad – but am looking at other options for the other church personnel)

    I could save a Show for each drummer with there settings and then load from the library the other instrument and vocal channels settings?

    My only hangup with that is the fact that Shows include the “library settings” so if something is tweaked on a vocal channel for example based on improving the sound, then I have to make sure that setting propagates into all the other Shows libraries.

    All doable – but is there a better way to manage Shows/libraries?

    Also, a previous post answered my other question – direct outs are muted with the channel mute but not with a DCA Mute if they are assigned to a DCA.

    Thanks again for any insight

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Bob,

    Have you considered storing different Scenes in the same Show file with settings for the different drummers, you could then set the Recall Filters on these Scenes so that they only recall the required settings on the required channels. Call them ‘drummer1’ ‘drummer2’ etc.

    Just a thought.

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    Thanks for the idea Nicola. Will have to add that to the possibilities. It surely solves the Library management issue. I’d have to think through what that means if we started using scenes during the service, but those could be built off of this specific Sunday’s “first/starting scene” that set the drumkit up.

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    On a related note, how can I extract a particular scene from one Show to another. For example, I programmed 3 Reverb change options for the Drums FX insert (plate, room & hall presets per say) with recall filter blocking everything else. This is all done on the Editor offline and I want to import these into an existing Show when I get to the venue.

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    Not sure.. But can’t you save your FX preset on a USB stick? Just save them first on your local FX presets, the at the settings page you should be able to transfer the FX Presets to your USB stick! Maybe that’s not possible on the editor? But at least when you are at the desk you should be able to do that!
    If not then just save these presets in a scene and this scene in a showfile. When you got to the other venue save the existing show and load your own show. Copy the scene where your FX preset is in and paste it in the existing show (you can copy scenes between different show files!) make sure nefore you then load your scene that you isolate btw. safe all the unaffected channels!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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