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    Sorry if this question should be placed in the Qu-forum, but it seems my login data does not apply there…

    Can my showfiles from GLD80 be used with the QuPack mixer?

    I am thinking about ordering a Qu-Pack mixer on Monday, and know that the stageracks (AR2412 and 84) that I have for my GLD80 can be used with the Qu-Pack. But what about the showfiles? Can they be used, but only with some editing and modifications? What kind of other “problems” might I run into when swapping showfiles between these two mixers, if possible?

    My use is for live purposes, and the thought was to have the Qu-pack as a small format mixer for the club/pub-stages where there is no room for a mixer FOH. But of course I would like to be able to swap the showfiles between the two with a minimum of tweaking…

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    My guess is no. Different protocols. But I could be wrong. I have seen nothing ever about it which leads me to believe that it won’t work.

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    Until a translator is written, I’d say it’s impossible. Different ecosystems.

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    Thanks guys.

    I’ll put my thinking-cap on then. It would have been good to be able to use my existing stageracks with a new mixer, but maybe not worth spending around $2300 on a QuPack as long as it already has enough local inputs, and i know my use of it will be on smaller stages…
    Maybe I’ll go for the Soundcraft Ui16 instead, it arrives in June. They are about $800, so lot’s of money to be saved. And it might be just big enough with the 12 XLR’s… Awaiting the Ui24 🙂

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