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    I wouldn’t be too disappointed about the label, not all things are created equal in China.
    If A&H make them there then it’s obviously good enough, have you ever heard any horror stories about A&H build quality?
    My shiny iDevices are all made in China and are superbly built, as is much of the tech I own.
    I wouldn’t worry about it:)

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    Made in China can be great if you have someone who can go check the manufacturing to make sure they don’t cut corners. My board was made in China (Qu-24) and I’m not worried at all about it’s built quality.

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    I had a studio-live 16.4.2 sometimes it would freeze but later for no reason the network card died a few weeks after 1 yr warrenty. I had to pay shipping and 250$ to get it fixed. I sold it and got he QU-16 built in UK it’s been rock solid. Just ordered a Qu-24 too I’m sure its made in china but A & H is pretty strict about build quality.

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    I need help! I have problem with buzzing on channel. It’s preamp is on +40db, and jack cable is plugged in. It’s buzzing even though it isn’t plugged into instrument and if I unplug it from channel, it stopes. Something wrong with cable/electricity/doing something wrong?


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    +40dB with a floating cable will buzz. Plug it in (mute it first)

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    Do you really need that much gain? I mean +40….is it even possible to get it as high? Anyway, like Bob said, of course it will buzz if there<s nothing at the end. And what type of cable are you using? By the way, you should start a new thread for you question.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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